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Community Chem-Dry is a big supporter in pets. We love dogs and we know many of our customers do too. Here are a few tips on how to house train your puppy to minimize the pet accidents all around your home.

happy potty trained puppy in venice, fl

  1. Dogs and puppies alike are actually quite smart and learn from repetition and consistency. It is important to provide a strict routine for dogs so they can learn what is expected of them.Give them food at designated times of the day and take the food away when it is not time to eat. This helps them recognize a routine and allows for them to get on a potty routine too.
  2. Choose a bathroom spot and stick to it. Dogs tend to relieve themselves in the same place over and over again. This helps if you have a spot designated for them that they can return to. Beware if the puppy does have an accident to clean it very well because the puppy will smell it and want to return to that same spot to relieve itself.
  3. Rewards and punishments can really make a difference when house training your puppy. Be sure to reward your pet with a treat or some attention when they do go potty in the correct spot. Dogs respond well to positive reinforcements. Be very careful when reprimanding the dog after accidents. If it has been more than a few minutes since the accident the do will have forgotten and it is futile to punish. However if the dog is in the act simply pick it up and take it out to the designated bathroom area. Reward if they finish in the correct area.

Accidents do happen. They will happen more frequently at the beginning, but overtime there should be less and less. Unfortunately dog urine can stain and continue to stink well after these unfortunate accidents. That is why we are here to help all pet families in Venice, FL have cleaner, healthier carpets. We provide a specialized treatment specifically for pet urine and odor. This P.U.R.T (pet urine and odor removal treatment) naturally releases the urine crystals from deep within the carpet to rid your carpet of the stain and stench. Let Community Chem-Dry come and clean the carpet to help your home look and smell fresh while potty training your puppy.