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Infographic of ways to relax on national relaxation dayAugust 15th is National Relaxation Day! Who knew? Community Chem-Dry is here to give you a few ideas of ways you can celebrate a day full of relaxation!

Read a Book

A good book can carry you into a far away place. Whether you like a romantic, a mystery, or a simple self-help taking time to read can get your mind active. This day full of relaxation has gifted you a few moments of peace to read what you want. Breath it in!

Take a Walk 

Getting outside is so nice! Enjoy some time alone (or with a friend as long as its relaxing!). Walking in the fresh air is a great way to be active while still relaxing. Just a short walk can get your positive vibes and blood flowing.


Styling those nails has never felt better. Getting out of the house can be a real treat at times. Look up your nearest salon and call for a manicure. That kind of relaxation can’t be beat. Wanting a cheaper option? Make a hand scrub and lather it on those hands! With a little lotion and some nail polish your hands will feel completely new.

Treat yo’ self

Indulge in your favorite guilty pleasure!! It is relaxation day! This is a day to lay down the diet and embrace all things delicious. Is your guilty pleasure chocolate? French fries? White wine? Well cheers to you! Indulge in your favorite food or drink while you have an excuse.

Hire a Cleaner 

What is worse than trying to relax and realizing your home is a disaster? Find a local cleaner and let them freshen up your home for you. As for your carpets, here at Community Chem-Dry we love providing a variety of services to get your home cleaner in a timely manner. Let us do the carpet cleaning while you relax.