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This time of year is perfect for getting spooked. Did you know that the scariest things slinking around your house are not ghosts, goblins, or even black cats? In fact, they might even be hiding out in your carpet-- after all, nothing is more frightening than a mysterious stain. Thankfully, here at Community Chem-Dry, we know all about the creepy things that can hide out in your house, check it out:

Dust Mite

  • Dust Mites : Just because they are too small to see doesn’t mean they aren’t creepy. They are tiny, they can aggravate allergies, and they even feed on dead skin cells. And they are thriving in your carpet, where millions of skin cells and dust particles are trapped, just waiting to be removed.

  • Allergens : If dust wasn’t bad enough, pollen and other allergens are making themselves equally at home in your carpet, and that is bad news in the fall, when over 50 million Americans suffer from fall allergies.

  • Chemicals : Whether they are actually carpet cleaning chemicals or simply household chemicals that get trapped in your carpet, these are the last things you want lingering in your house-- but chances are, they’re there. Spooky, right?

  • Unwanted Leftovers : Spill your pumpkin spice latte on the carpet? Or maybe it was just a couple of crumbs from that zucchini bread you had last week. What about that drippy ice cream cone over the summer? Even if you can’t see the stain anymore, part of it is still hiding in the bottom layers of the carpet, and that leftover food is slowly going bad and collecting bacteria-- right there in your living room.

Black Cat

  • Pet urine : Whether you have a black cat or just an adorable dog, your furry friend has probably had an accident on the carpet at least once, and nothing is scarier than pet urine stuck in the carpet 

If you are feeling like stretching out on the carpet doesn’t sound like a great idea, we don’t blame you, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Community Chem-Dry carpet cleaning removes dust mites, allergens, dirt, soil, bacteria, and even pet urine. The best part is our process, which uses a green certified cleaning solution without harsh chemicals, making your carpet safe for kids and pets.  Give us a call today to learn more about our eco-friendly carpet cleaning service in Sarasota!